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May 21, 2021


At Netflix, we pride ourselves on bringing Canadian stories to the world. Across the country, we keep looking for stories that come from seasoned writers and talents to be discovered. We are committed to promoting stories from diverse and underrepresented groups, authenticated and told.

This summer, Netflix content managers will hold a series of virtual meetings with Canadian content creators to learn more about the projects that drive them and strengthen their ties to the audiovisual world.

This meeting series is dedicated to French content created by Canadian creators.


The Friday May 21 at Monday 7th June 2021 to me 8:00 PM ET, Netflix will accept proposals for French language series or movies from various categories from Canadian creators. (Guidelines are available HereWe then invite a number of them to a virtual meeting with the leaders of the Netflix content team. Further details of these virtual meetings will be sent to the selected participants.

All projects must be submitted via Next link


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