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Netflix releases an amazing trailer رائع

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Quickly discover the first trailer for The Witcher Season 2. The Witcher is a TV series available on the Netflix streaming platform.

In the latter, you can already watch the first season of the series.

Discover the Netflix trailer for The Witcher season 2

The story of the series

In this series, you follow the adventures of the magician Geralt de Reeves. This person has powerful powers that allow him to overcome the evil creatures that haunt the world.

He will then meet Yennefer, a witch with superpowers and Ciri, the little girl he will have to take care of.

If you’ve already completed the first season of the show, you must be wondering what to expect next. So, scroll below to find out all about the second season of The Witcher.

The first trailer for The Witcher season 2 revealed

Netflix has revealed the first trailer for The Witcher season 2.

The latter tells us more about the rest of the series, which promises to be rich in twists and turns.

These first photos focus on the character Ciri. The young woman appears to be searching for answers to her new powers that appeared in season one.

She also appears to be learning to fight with Gerald. This could be her mentor and train her to be a witch. We don’t know more yet.

This second season of the series should also see the arrival of a new character, another wizard.

Finally, we should know what happened to Yennefer after the fight that marked the end of season one. Gerald and Ciri will definitely be looking for him in the next episodes of the series.

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The release date of the second season of The Witcher

Regarding the release date of The Witcher Season 2, Netflix has not yet announced an official date.

You will definitely have to wait a little longer before finding your favorite magician for new adventures.

It still appears that the second season of the series will be released between October 2021 and December 2021. So it is very likely that you will be able to watch the new episodes of The Witcher before the end of 2021.

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