Filmed in 2019 between Canada and Morocco: Hassan El-Fad star cast in Les vieux Chums in Quebec

Filmed in 2019 between Canada and Morocco: Hassan El-Fad star cast in Les vieux Chums in Quebec

The Canadian feature film “Les vieux Chums”, directed by Samuel Gagnon, with the participation of actors Hassan Al-Fad and Hoda Al-Rihani, was recently released in 54 theaters in Quebec.

Filmed in 2019 between Canada and Morocco, this feature-length film is about Piero, a former table tennis champion who has always enjoyed life. “At the dawn of the fifties, the man left Morocco to return to Saint-Hyacint, his hometown, in order to correct the mistakes of his past. Reconnecting with her son Victor is one of her priorities, as is her reunion with her best friend Jack. Piero is a violent smoker who has been caught by cancer, and there is nothing left. He has only a few months to live. This is enough to assess his presence and ask his oldest friend for a precious service, “says the film’s synopsis.

In fact, the film features an elite group of Canadian actors, including comedian Hassan El-Fad. This one captures the role of Abdul. The former philosophy professor has chosen to settle in a fishing village. This also happens to be a friend of the hero named Piero. Hassan Al-Fad explained his dramatic role to ALM, they were practically pioneers in discovering this village. He did not hesitate to express his great joy to participate in this film and to resume the cinema. “It’s a very strong relationship and especially an experience. For me, it’s a good time to resume work in cinemas and dramatic roles.

What convinced me the most was the script, and especially Claude Gagnon’s cinema. This director makes very beautiful movies. He has his own vision, aesthetic options, and philosophical choices. He convinced me very quickly to join this project. It’s a very enjoyable human experience. ”“ Les vieux Chums ”is a production funded by the Canadian Council of Arts and the Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec, with the generous cooperation of UDA, AQTIS and DGC. Executive production in Morocco, while production is directed by Naima Alaoui, director Claude Gagnon, who was selected 4 times at the Berlin International Film Festival, was awarded a Michel Brawlt career grant from Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Québec in 2014.

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He is the only Quebec native and Canadian winner of the Grand Prix des Amériques Prix awarded by the Montreal International Film Festival for his film “Kenny”. His films have been seen and awarded in countless international festivals and have been distributed around the world over the years. In 2018, he chairs the jury of the Al Hoceima International Film Festival.

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