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Do chameleons really change their color to camouflage themselves? Do you really have to pee on a jellyfish sting to relieve the pain? Are caffeine and methane really the same molecule? And is it true that lightsabers or invisibility cloaks could actually exist? Misconceptions, myths, urban legends, and other questions are at the heart of the new Futura podcast, Science or Fiction, hosted by Melissa Leborough.

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science or fiction, is the name of a dynamic podcast that breaks down preconceived notions. Urban myths and legends and more fake news Doesn’t match the rigorous research done by Melissa Leporio, falsity Futura head.

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We often hear that a file golden They have short memories, that cutting their hair at the full moon helps them grow faster or that Lightning Don’t fall twice in the same place. But what does the science really say? Each week, Science or Fiction addresses a popular claim to separate truth from falsehood.

Each week, Science or Fiction deals with a widespread claim to separate truth from falsehood

For example – spoiler – what if we told you that a file chameleon Doesn’t it change color to camouflage itself, and that tea and coffee use the exact same molecule to give you that morning boost?

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In a fun and dynamic format, Science or Fiction delves into science and history not just answering yes or no to a question” Is this true ? But to reveal a wealth of information that can hide behind the most trivial beliefs. If coffee and tea are used the same compoundThey don’t necessarily serve them the same way depending on how you prepare them. And if a chameleon does not hide itself by changing its color, it is Chromatophores However, they remain little gems of technology, able to tell us a lot about what these little monsters feel like.

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