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New housing project: Sherbrooke residents denounce lack of transparency

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A promoter is preparing to build semi-detached houses on Ave Toulon to Ave de Inca and Ave Iroquois. The project is for the citizens.

A spokesperson for the Citizens Group Against the Project, Gil Dowset, decried the fact that work has already begun in the area.

The investor bought a plot of land and started working there without obtaining a permit and without developing any project. The act of drainage in wetlands. He transformed the tables, says Jill Doust.

The citizens of the Lac de Nations sector regret not being informed of the construction of a housing project that will start soon.

Photo: Radio Canada

Citizens say they are unable to get answers from the city of Sherbrooke about the nature of the work actually being done. They regret not being consulted or informed of the project details.

The promoter can sit with us and explain their project. We want to coordinate two neighborhoods, we expected with the arrival of 410, that there will be a residential development, but we want to participate so that we have a little respect for the quality of life and the beauty that we have hereCitizen affirms

There will be a way to form working groups with elected officials and citizens for sustainable development, for smart development in neighborhoods.

Quote from:Jill Doust is a citizen opposed to the project

For many of them, there is an urgent need to act, because they fear the environmental risks that the project may cause.

Does town planning always have to go through making the land completely sterile, putting buildings across, all sticking together, or can’t we keep these beautiful plants?, supports an area resident, Mary Kristen Morin.

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More transparency is required

University Sector Municipal Council member Paul Gings also struggles to get information about the project.

This is not normal. I find it unacceptable that citizens and elected officials, among others, cannot get answers.

Quote from:Paul Gings, Chancellor of District University

Paul Gingues says a new directive from Sherbrooke mandating the use of requests for access to information complicates the task of an advisor who wants to inform his citizens. At another time, I could directly contact the service directorates and have answers to the questions of smart citizensCounselor says.

Work from 2022

Promoter Jacques Vallée declined an interview request. Via email, he indicated that work should begin in 2022.

As for the nature of the project, the promoter wants to reassure the citizens’ concerns.

It is a similar continuation of the streets of Toulon, Rouville and Tadoussac as well as Trois-Rivieres, as he described it. The development will be a harmonious extension with the already existing sector. Regarding the backyards of the houses on the streets of the Inca and Iroquois, the density of the houses will be of the type of semi-detached house. The project will be implemented in phases according to the stage of development according to the demand for the sale of homes.

The promoter also assures that the development of this street is beneficial to the citizens who will have better access to the Parc de l’Ancien-Chemin-de-Fer and the Parc des Deux-Ruisseaux.

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