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Community work for pumpkin compost in Winnipeg

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Winnipeg compost, a social enterprise for a non-profit organization Green Action Center, provides composting services to residents and businesses in Winnipeg. for the first time this year, Winnipeg compost Citizens are offered the freedom to compost their pumpkins.

Saturday, in the parking lot near the shopping center Polo Park In Winnipeg, people were able to throw pumpkins into a large bowl.

The comments we hear are: ‘Oh! It was a great experience.’ ‘This is what we were hoping for As the Director of Sales and Customer Service says, Winnipeg compostCarrie Blackburn.

From November 3 to 9, people are invited to deliver pumpkins at five different locations across the Manitoba capital, explains Carrie Blackburn, director of sales and customer service for Compost Winnipeg.

Photo: Radio Canada / Ron Boelau

On Saturday, organizers received 1,700 kilograms, or about 3,750 pounds, of squash.

Then part of the gourd is sent to feed the animals in Steinbach, about 60 kilometers south of Winnipeg, on the farm Kismet Creek.

The other part will be sent to sustainable organic solutions Small scale composting.

[Grâce à cette collaboration]We’ll show people the whole composting process, explains Ms. Blackburn, adding that it will be an experience that will allow people to understand the inner workings.

Jeremy Baudt, a resident of the Saint-Boniface neighborhood of Winnipeg, knows something about it. He is a gardener and entrepreneur at a sustainable agriculture company that sells organic produce.

Owns a botanical garden, aromatic herbs and perennial plants.

Mr. Baudet collects pumpkins from the neighborhood to feed his crop for the next year.

There are tons and tons of pumpkins in the western world that are wasted and end up in landfills. I wanted to try to do little things.

Quote from:Jeremy Bodet, gardener

In a few weeks, he received more than twenty pumpkins.

I’ll bring pumpkins to the back of the house with wheelbarrows […] I’m going to crush them with bits of wood, chop them with a machete and then maybe turn the mower on them.

I will mix this with straw, papers and cardboard.

During the winter, the organic matter will be mixed with the pitchfork. Then, in the spring, Jeremy will have his bud Beautiful compost ready to go to the garden for production.

Invitation to compost at COP26

In a press release issued on Saturday, the Global Alliance of Recycling and Composting Organizations called on people to take action at COP26.

It is considered part of the discarded food inevitable If it is not possible to sell food in the supermarket. Examples include vegetable scraps, eggshells, and bones.

The Global Alliance urges world leaders to seize the unique opportunity of COP26 to take action and put the inevitable foods of the Earth into fertilizer production., says the press release.

The landfill area can be reduced by at least a third if the organic waste is composted.

Quote from:Global Alliance of Recycling and Composting Organizations

Winnipeg compost It is reported that squash coated with paint or wax is not compostable.

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