Friday, March 1, 2024

New LIAN LI Striper Plus V2 RGB Extension Cords

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Want to boost your PC and brighten up your long gaming sessions with more RGB? So maybe the solution lies in New RGB Striper Plus V2 Accessories From the brand LIAN LI.

By acquiring part of the design of the Strimer Plus extenders, the Strimer Plus V2 brings some changes that allow for easier installation with RGB optimization. Concretely, the plastic guides are now completely transparent, which will allow light to circulate uninterruptedly. The different strips that make up each extension are also thinner, with more space between each, providing more distinct lighting between each strip. And with 120, 162 and 108 diodes respectively for 24-pin ATX, 3-pin 8-pin and 8-pin dual-GPU GPUs, there’s going to be an atmosphere in the PC! Finally, the height of the spans, including power cables, has been reduced from 11 mm to 8 mm, facilitating installation and insertion into cable lanes.

To manage as many diodes as possible, the L-Connect box is supplied with an ATX extension. It is powered by L-Connect 3 software, which will allow advanced control of ATX extension diodes and additional GPU extension, while allowing syncing with the motherboard if desired.

LIAN LI Striper Plus V2 accessories will soon be available from official French retailers at recommended prices:

  • 24-pin ATX (200 mm long): €69.90
  • Dual 8-pin VGA (length 300 mm): €49.90
  • Triple 8-pin VGA (length 300mm): €59.90
  • L-Connect box: €19.90

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