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New novel | Michelle Welbeck will not be giving an interview

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(Paris) Le nouveau roman de Michel Houellebecq à paraître en janvier bénéficiera d’une fabrication inspirée des livres allemands, et son auteur ne compte pas en faire la promotion auprès des journalistes, at-on appris vendredi’ l writer proche.

The title of this eighth novel, in bookstores on January 7, priced at 26 euros for 736 pages, is still a secret. It should not be revealed before the end of December, according to this source interviewed by AFP.

On the site Flammarion and on commercial sites is still written “next address”.

Publisher Flammarion had already revealed at the beginning of November that this volume would be released “in a hardcover edition, with hardcover, with slide and color bookmark”.

Michel Welbeck himself, during a conference at the Sorbonne on December 2, which was not reported to the press, had made it clear that his model were the books published in Germany, which were heavier, more solid and more solid.

“He explained it very well to the Flammarion salespeople. They said to themselves: Why not this title and the others? The result is books that are made to last,” said the source close to the author.

Flammarion released three novels like this in mid-November: Extension of the wrestling fieldAnd elementary particles And a program.

As with the release of serotonin In January 2019, Michel Welbeck planned not to give any media interview to discuss his recent work.

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