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New update to support 90Hz in Quest 2

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The long-awaited Beat Saber 90Hz patch is available for Oculus Quest 2, and there are other improvements to the popular VR game as well.

Today, Beat Games revealed its latest update to its successful VR game. Although it is available on all platforms, the main title addition is 90Hz support for Oculus Quest 2 usersIt is a feature long awaited since the launch of the handset last October.

Beat Saber 90 Hz: higher frequency refresh

Previously, the Beat Saber ran at 72Hz on the Oculus Quest, which is the limit for its original headphones. Quest 2 shipped with a 90Hz screen in 2020, but it didn’t let developers set up support until a few weeks after launch.

Beat Saber 90Hz support means games run smoother than ever on a standalone headphone, but note that the advantage is Exclusively for Quest 2. You can’t get to 90Hz in Quest 1.

Plus update Set “no failure” rate : Apply the 0.5x multiplier only after exhausting all your energy and restoring player stats. Games won Also indicates Check patch notes carefully From your copy of the game to more changes.

Improvements focus more on Oculus

While the update brings a lot of improvements, most of the other changes are still Oculus-specific. The launch of the .. the start of the .. the take off of the Oculus group Now supported, letting you switch directly to Multiplayer mode with friends at an Oculus Party. As a result, other players can now play the game directly on your own server.

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Beat Games is now owned by Facebook itself, so it is not surprising to see Beat Saber gain a lot of Oculus-specific features.

Meanwhile, PSVR fans are still waiting for the arrival of multiplayer support, which was pushed back to 2021 a few months ago. 2021 will also see the release of the fourth official DLC soundtrack, which will include some metallic songs.

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