Vaccine: a great deal of confusion

The word hospitals, the vaccination campaign is transforming “A big mess”. “We no longer know who has priority over who, who is not, or why! Professor Gil Bialo, an infectious disease specialist at Tenon Hospital, was furious. We were initially told that they were over seventy-five years old in nursing homes, but nothing happened. At the beginning of January we were told that caregivers are this way, and therefore not really. Cancer patients, dialysis patients and our transplant recipients become cancer patients. But not those with sickle cell disease or HIV, but rather immunosuppressed ones. why ? We spend our time in crisis meetings or trying to explain to our patients incomprehensible decisions. Complete confusion. ” Because since the beginning of January, the government has switched to guesswork.

There is nothing left of the Yarrow deployment strategy that the Prime Minister enacted at the start of December based on the recommendations of the Supreme Health Authority (HAS). Doses are calculated, dCi

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Natalie Raulin

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