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New VET Training Program – School of Continuing Education at the University of Montreal

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Peer assistants are essential to the well-being and recovery of people with health problems. Thanks to their experience, whether it is their own or that of a loved one, they have real experience with the recovery process. But how can you adopt this knowledge so that others can benefit from it or even advance as a peer support agent? To meet this need, the University of Montreal’s School of Continuing Education (FEP) is launching a small mental health undergraduate program: Counseling Peer Assistants. Human training and exciting discovery.

What is the program about?

The A small mentoring program for peer assistants It is a short 3-course undergraduate program plus practical training.

It allows you to learn about the organization of care and services, understand behind the scenes of the public health system and identify the various recovery and self-management processes for chronic mental or physical illness. Peer assistants help to communicate better and build their expertise based on their personal and professional experience and personal goals.

the lesson Healing and general healthIt has been introduced from the fall of 2022 and is open to students free of charge, allowing students to gain essential knowledge in order to focus on recovery and social engagement in a patient’s life project. He offers the tools to use his empirical knowledge from a global health perspective.

Practical training allows you to put these skills to good use in the structure of a health network, a public, semi-public or municipal service, an associative organization or even a private company.

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This program is offered remotely, with the exception of training that has to be done in person.

Who is the programme?

This program is for anyone who has experienced recovery or lived with the illness, illness or illness of a loved one, and who wishes to make this experience a valuable experience for the benefit of others.

What kind of work will you get in this training?

This small program allows you to become a peer assistant, whether you are a volunteer or a peer assistant worker. People who complete this junior program can work as research or care assistants, teach in health sciences-related disciplines and departments, or continue their academic careers in other fields.

Learn more about The Undergraduate Mental Health Mini Program: Counseling Peer Assistants.

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