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Newcomers discover Calgary stampede

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As the 2022 Calgary Stampede kicks off for a few weeks (July 8), a group of newcomers to the Economic City of Alberta are treated to a taste of what they will discover there.

Calgary Scramble & League Immigrant Services Calgary I organized an information session for them, to enable them to know more about the main event in the city. Hence, they attended a detailed presentation of the various scheduled activities and learned tips on how to make full use of them for example without spending too much.

One of the things that intrigued the Calgary stampede: the food served there was also explained to them.

I’ve never seen so many kinds of international and Canadian dishes combined and friedSaid Sergio Rivas, who is originally from Chile and arrived in Calgary two months ago.

Marcela Akia has attended the Calgary Stampede competition before, but said she didn’t know much about it until the information session.

Marcela Akea, who was among the beneficiaries of the information session, is looking forward to taking her children to the Calgary Stampede starting July 8.

Photo: Radio Canada/Dan McGarvey

it was amazing. I can’t wait to take my kids, so they can see all the animals, see the show, and take part in this lovely event. »

Quote from Marcela Akiya

Rebecca Andrada, Communications Coordinator at immigrant services calgary, He hopes that organizing this presentation will help newcomers integrate into the community and develop a sense of belonging to the host city.

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This is the first time since the start of the pandemic that the Calgary scramble has welcomed visitors.

With information from Dan McGarvie

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