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NHL Playoffs: Pushes Adrien Kempe Oilers to the brink with overtime scoring

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The Edmonton Oilers nearly completed a wild comeback but eventually lost 5-4 in overtime to the Los Angeles Kings on Tuesday.

The Canadian team will now face elimination on Thursday in Los Angeles as it trails 3-2 in the first round.

Lyon Drysittel scored consecutive goals in the final minutes to force extra time, but in the end it was Adrian Quimby who scored his second goal of the match.

Los Angeles took the lead again in Game Five. In fact, the team that scored the first goal has won every chance so far in this series.

Troy Stitcher took a powerful shot and was not seen by goalkeeper Mike Smith. Stecher scored in the second straight game after missing the first three.

Limiting his side to only five shots in the first period, Conor McDavid turned the net to pass the puck to Zach Cassian, who tied 1-1 in the second half.

The Kings regained the lead when Adrien Quimby scored his first qualifying goal by defeating Smith between the podiums, although Anzi Kopetar’s passing was difficult to control at first.

Andreas Athanasio made it 3-1 from the right flank the net, and finalized a superb pass from Dustin Brown, who narrowly managed to keep the disc in the offensive zone with a victory over Zach Heyman.

Oilers cut the deficit to 3-2 after three minutes in the final period. McDavid quickly grabbed the puck on the standoff and brilliantly beat Jonathan Quick, who was lying in his blue circle, on his back.

Having good chances to score during the match, Philippe Danault finally hit the target to regain the two-point priority of the Kings. He now has three goals and two assists in five games.

However, the Oilers were able to count on Leon Drysitl’s touch to revive hope. At first he wasn’t a man, then in a great passing game with McDavid and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins while Danault was in the dungeon to tie 2min35 later.

But Quimby took care of the knockout in overtime and silenced the Alberta fans after just 1:12.

Kempe thinks it’s McDavid and decides in overtime

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