NHL: This time, the senators have the upper hand over the Canadians

Summary of Senators v. CH

MONTREAL – For the first time in three games against the Canadians this season, the Ottawa Senators had the last laugh. But we still remember that Justin Barron and Jordan Harris showed off their inspirational assets on their first outing at the Bell Center.

Here are our notes from that 6-3 loss.

Reassuring youth, and even more, on the blue line

Not so long ago, the Canadian Defense Brigade frightened many because of the age of its heroes. Now that Shea Webber heads into retirement, Jeff Petrie approaches a new destination and Ben Kyaroot is being traded, the succession had to prove its worth.

This game breathed a sigh of relief as Justin Barron and Jordan Harris emerged from their cocoons to complete a promising trio of young defenders with

‘I was happy for the young defenders’

Alexander Romanov. And let’s not forget Kaiden Guhle and Mattias Norlinder who will eventually want to do the same.

Surrounded by Joel Edmondson, who is supposed to become the club’s next captain, and David Savard, who helps out with different classes, New children in the building (Sorry if this betrays our age) Martin St. Louis must have delighted and the new Habs team.

Baron’s first goal with an exclamation point

First for Barron, in any way!

He was said to have a very good throw and above all great ease on the skis. Well Barron combined his great assets to wow Bell Center fans with his first goal in the National Hockey League.

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Recapture the disc at the top of the right circle in the attack zone, and draw a nice curve in skating backwards for a shot from the other side of the zone. And spectators, delighted with the sequence, gave him a standing ovation that he wasn’t ready to forget on his first game in that runway.

At the end of the match, in the Sense sixth goal sequence, which he scored in an empty net, Barron suffered a contact in which he got stuck in the lower part of his right leg under Matteo Joseph. Facing prolonged post-match treatment, Barron was unable to meet with the media and the team will release more details on Wednesday.

Harris was not bothered by the context

Like Barron, Harris was skating for the first time at the Bell Center. Far from being crippled by the situation, he instead managed to make some great breakthroughs in the attack area. We would even like to say that if he continues with this development, he will become a defender who can engage in attack more than we expected.

He, too, could have scored his first goal in one of his offensive achievements.

For those who were worried about him on a physical level, he allowed himself to drop Brady Tkachuk into a corner and then re-launch the attack.

Self-confident, Scheinmann recovers

With this picture of the defensive squad, Corey Scheueneman makes it clear that he wants to blur plans for the future.

Solid in recent games, Scheunemann has had a sticking error with Rem Petlik in the defensive zone. His poor passing allowed Austin Watson to score first

goal on his part.

Thinking especially of Harris and Baron, we must not forget that Alexander Romanov is only 22 years old and continues to spread his wings. By improving his actions a little, he will become more effective.

Caufield’s 16th, Gallagher scores on his comeback

Brendan Gallagher, who has missed his team’s last eight games, scored in the third minute of the match. It was his sixth in his campaign, but it was his first in a digital tie.

Cole Caufield was CH’s other top scorer when he hit the target in a power game. CH has been discontinued in its previous four games.

The match ended in a tumult as Gallagher and Tim Stutzel were in the thick of the fight. Earlier in the match, Stützle hit a knee from Nick Suzuki and Gallagher couldn’t stand Stützle pretending to be in a lot of pain while he was able to play hard right away.

More details to come.

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