Nick Suzuki makes fun of his brother (in golf) for being different

If you have a sibling, you know that the rule of siblings is that you cannot allow him or her to be offended… by anyone other than yourself. It is a family privilege.

And that’s what the Suzuki family (Nick and Ryan) did. It all started when Nick Suzuki posted pictures of himself on Instagram, in which he was seen playing golf during the off season.

It’s better to see him play golf (in Quebec, moreover) than to risk injury at the world championships, which is the one who struggled with lower back pain at the end of the season.

And here comes his brother’s turn.

Ryan Suzuki, Nick’s brother who plays for the Hurricanes, responded to his brother by staying under 100, and Nick responded that he was just like him. [ceux de Ryan] tee shots.

Ryan’s answer? “If you play your difference this year, you will have the field record.”

The law of siblings I tell you.

I found it good because it’s fair game. I don’t know if Nick Suzuki is a good golfer, but somehow Ryan’s goal is probably better than his brother. And for differential hockey, Ryan (+9 in 34 games in the AHL) had the upper hand.

From a more rational point of view, we must remember that we do not care about the difference. Yes, Nick Suzuki finished at -29, but he was playing at a bad club and without Philip Danault he inherited defensive responsibilities. Play as injured.

Being in Nick’s place, I might have answered that maybe I had an ice diff, but at least I’m in the NHL. With all due respect, we agree on that.

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