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Nick Suzuki will move up to ninth in the NHL tonight

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As he nears the end of his third season in the National Hockey League, one thing seems clear about Nick Suzuki: The youngster has the potential to become a frontrunner on the Pittman circuit. Suzuki is very solid both offensively and defensively and his game intelligence is impressive for a 22-year-old.

What clearly helped him in his development was that Suzuki was able to avoid injuries. In fact, since his first game in the NHL (October 3, 2019), the forward has played every game of the Canadians without missing a single one.

nothing less.

To give you an idea of ​​its impressive durability, Suzuki is now up to 195 games in a row (regular season only). She is the tenth longest running streak in the NHL.

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Obviously, COVID-19 put an end to quite a few of these streaks (Suzuki hasn’t contracted the virus in the last two seasons of CH) and #14 is a long way from the top three, but still.

Tonight, however, Suzuki will rise in the list of these streaks, while Keith Yandel, who has played 989 games in a row, will be disqualified by the Flyers.

But returning to Suzuki, the fact remains that it is an amazing feat of weapons. play the young man Much Hockey since he joined the NHL (because you also have to add 32 playoff games to his total), and you can see that he still manages to perform at a high level.

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And, of course, this supports his development: the guy is able to play one game after another, which gives him a lot of experience at a young age.

In short, a noteworthy achievement for Suzuki, who will play the 196th night in a row (the regular season). I hope I’m not the end killer.

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