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Nicolet invests $100,000 in childcare services

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Mayor Genevieve Dubois announced this a few hours before the city’s budget is scheduled for next year.

Ms. Dubois is well aware that childcare services do not fall within the purview of cities, but states that municipal organizations in Quebec actually help childcare services by offering them, for example, reductions in the land or property tax.

There is a shortage of 54 daycare places in our territory alone and this is a major concern for our families.Define the mayor. It’s a new way to help them, she adds.

With this money, the city council encourages those responsible for childcare facilities to quickly materialize their intentions. This fund is eagerly awaited and will enable concrete initiatives that will have great benefits for Nicolé., mentions Genevieve Dubois.

Projects will only be supported to create new daycare places through this fund.

Elected municipal officials, people working in the childcare sector as well as a representative of the Nicolet administration will form a committee in order to set standards and analyze the projects to be received.

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