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Nintendo Switch Sports: Someone already destroyed their TV by dropping a Joy-Con

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What should have happened, but maybe even faster than expected: Someone once broke their TV while playing tennis Nintendo Switch Sports.

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Do you remember the glorious period after the release of the Nintendo Wii when A whole bunch of people accidentally dropped the Wiimote in the direction of their TVCausing endless breakups (and nervous laughs)? Well, it starts again!

Everything courtesy of last Friday’s release Nintendo Switch Sportswho wants to be, fifteen years later, the spiritual successor to We Sports. Again, we’re offering to do different sports by moving the joysticks on the controller, which is usually annoying to get them out of our hands when we’re not tightening the strap around our wrist.

Of course, that’s exactly what happened to streamer On behalf of 63 men, within 24 hours of launching switch sports.

As I mentioned VGCthe poor player forcefully threw one of the Joy-Cons directly into his TV during a Twitch broadcast, causing massive damage to the screen.

We get deeply frustrated at 63 mana, but hey, it has to be said, it’s (unfortunately) a bit comical to see…

Unsurprisingly, she’s not the only broadcaster who has made a huge mistake by not using a Joy-Con wrist strap. As noted GamesRadarIt happened, too streamer Northlion. However, the latter’s luck was a little more, while his screen escaped in one piece.

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In short, Tranna is coming.

you bought Nintendo Switch Sports In the last few days? Strap the Joy-Con on your wrists! Your performance may drop by 3-4%, but at least you don’t have to put $1000 on a new TV.

it was said. Consider yourself smart!

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