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Paul Stastney and Blake Wheeler criticize their teammates

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When we talk about a difficult and disappointing season, the first team that comes to mind is the Vegas Golden Knights. But another Western Union team didn’t have a predictable season. They are the Winnipeg Jets, who finished 11th in the conference, eight points off a cut-off.

Early in the season, when Paul Morris jumped ship himself, he gave way to Dave Lowry, who was unable to advance his forces to the Spring Championship. He failed to rally his players and eventually was sent off.

He and his assistants will not return next year, words of Frank Seravalli.

With a record of 26-22-6, he still holds a record above 0.500. But when it came to team harmony, Lowry couldn’t take it to another level.

So much so that Paul Stastney and Blake Wheeler were highly critical of their teammates and the atmosphere within the team.

We must be responsible to each of us and we must respect each other

When that element isn’t there within the team and you don’t care about the teammate next to you and you only have it for what you’re doing individually, it starts hurting on the ice.

I hope they learn from this, that they realize that over the summer and that they will tell themselves that they don’t want to find themselves in the same position again next year because it will hurt you when you see the playoffs start tomorrow and you’re not playing anymore. – Paul Stastney

The players did not play our system. The onus is on the players, and we haven’t. – Blake Wheeler

Two of the senior leaders of this team spoke. We hope that the younger players and other players on this team will understand the message. Hopefully for the Jets, the team’s new head coach will be able to solve all of this.

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Could it be Joel Quinville?

Speaking of the leader, Mark Schevel also spoke about the 2021-2022 season for the jets.

It has been a difficult year, a year I will try to forget a little bit. But you can’t hold on to it and you have to come back better next year. – Mark Shevel

He also admitted wanting to speak with his agent and family about his future with The Jets.

I would like to stay in Winnipeg, but I have to see where the team is going and I imagine we will see that this summer.

I have to think about my career and what is best for me. I will discuss with my agents and family to determine what I really want. – Mark Shevel

Under a contract until 2024, the right-hander earns $6.125 million per season. It would be difficult to trade him even if he was a good player. However, Winnipeg could withhold the salary for two years. But if Winnipeg is cleaning up and Schiefele doesn’t like what he’s seeing, he’ll really want to leave. Several teams can take care of someone as big as him.

Will CH be in the race? Tsé makes him play on the same line as Jake Evans to add to that…

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