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SpaceX appears to be taking measures to protect telemetry data after the leak

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Usually SpaceX broadcasts its tests completely, but some amateur radio users wanted access to more data. SpaceX is known to use specific frequency bands to communicate with its spacecraft, and some amateur radio astronomers have attempted to access telemetry data in these broadcasts. SpaceX decided to encrypt the video streams after several Falcon 9 Starlink launches were intercepted and decoded, giving access to the video that employees normally watch only.

Earlier this month, video calls were made between the SpaceX Mission Control Center and the second stage of the Falcon 9. They did Social media visits. The leaked video showed views of the ground from the second stage missile and inside the liquid oxygen tank of the second stage missile. Amateur radio users learned about the frequencies SpaceX used because the company had to notify the Federal Communications Commission and the National Communications and Information Administration of the frequencies used to communicate with its missiles.

This condition meant that the frequencies were within reach of the public. After successfully capturing the video and rangefinder data from the Falcon 9 launch, the amateurs decided to try to capture similar images from the Starship SN11 test. Point the user antenna at the SN11 prototype. Although it was able to capture communication data between the test vehicle and the mission controllers, unlike in the previous time, they were unable to decode the information.

While communications between SpaceX and the Falcon 9 mission were previously unencrypted, SpaceX encrypted data between the consoles and the Starship. SpaceX might still encrypt data for the Starship test flights and not bother encrypting data for Falcon 9 missions.

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It is true that amateur radio users will try to capture data from future Falcon 9 missions, and while it is now encrypted, SpaceX has taken steps to protect its data. The leaked data definitely has the potential to harm SpaceX, and it stands to reason that it wants to encrypt all the information.

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