No bribery in Beauport according to CMQ: Gosselin satisfied

The committee had presented the matter at the beginning of March. The investigation is now over and there will be no further action.

With the information currently in our possession, the Commission’s Litigation and Investigations Department does not intend to proceed with this file.says the committee’s strategic advisor, Isabel Revole, in her writing.

Jean-François Jocelyn says it was necessary to highlight the allegations against him.

I am very happy, because in all this, what matters to me is to protect my reputation. I can now focus on my job as a city councilorHe says.

Amazing exchange

The investigation was opened after a somewhat surprising exchange between the elected officials of the Beauport district, on March 8, during the town council.

Towards the end of the session, chaired by Stevens Melanson, Jean-François Jocelyn wanted to intervene on The people who reported that you said I offered you $10,000 [en échange de la présidence du conseil d’arrondissement de Beauport].

Chancellor Stevens Melanson, during a speech.

Photo: Radio Canada / Daniel Columbia

Mr. Melanson, of Schutte-Montmorency-Signatorial County, then warned Jocelyn that he would ask to turn off his microphone because he described his behavior as biased.

Quebec City sent the file to the municipal commission, in order to get to the bottom of the matter and to determine if there were any problems with the code of ethics and professional conduct.

no regret

Today, Jean-François Jocelyn says he would act the same way if he had to do it again.

For a long time, as leader of the official opposition, in the previous state, my reputation was attacked. For me, it’s over. When there are rumors I will always face people in publiche is referring to.

move ahead

Now that the commission has acquitted elected officials, the mayor of Quebec wants to turn the page.

I trust the municipal committee. The guide was not provided to me. I did not have to work as a judge. The committee made its decision based on the evidence presented to it. The good news is that there doesn’t seem to be any error. advancesays Bruno Marchand.

Jean-François Jocelyn relinquished his place as leader of Québec 21 to Eric Ralph Mercier after the last municipal elections. He is now the county councilor of Saint-Therese-de-Lisieux.

Stevens Melanson has been Chairman of Bauport District Council since 2017. He is an independent member.

At the municipal level, elected officials who combine the duties of city council president or executive committee member receive salary bonuses.

Stevens Melanson did not wish to comment on this file.

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