No GM in CH before February?

Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Jeff Gorton informed during his press conference that the Montreal Canadiens will not appoint a general manager by Christmas. However, the process can extend until February.

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On the first break from Saturday’s game between Habs and St.

We won’t make a decision before, somewhere, in January. Is it likely to be at the end of January? I think so.”

Four people, including former CH CEO Bob Jenny, will sit on the selection committee. Not everyone knows who exactly is among the names on the list of candidates.

They will provide lists. We will reduce from ten to eight names. So each person would come up with a list of 10, 15 or 20 names,” Lavoie suggested.

“When we have to talk to a few members of the organizations, we will submit the application. We will push the process forward this way.”

In the video above, see Renaud Lavoie’s explanation of the hiring process for the next Habs General Manager.

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