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Grand Chalon – Urban Society: Science Festival Spotlight (1)

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It takes place in the Parc des Expositions in Chalon sur Saône. It is waiting for young and old. Passionate about science or not.

Our photo report

If one has to be sorry, it is clearly not the Fête de la Science, which is common between the Grand Chalon and Le Creusot – Montceau Urban Community, being held this year, after 2020 was canceled due to COVID. No, it is a pity that it was held in Chalons and not in the creosote language, arguing that the years were decided even in creosote and odd years in Chalons-sur-Saone.
There are pre-set rules that sometimes you have to figure out how to bypass. Because the truth wants us to say is that between 2018, the date of the last release at the Halle des Sports in Le Creusot, and 2022, the year of the next release to take place in Le Creusot, some college students will be a little lucky to participate in the meeting, when we know very well that the students of Universities are the ones who show the most passion and enthusiasm for science.

We can certainly say that it is easy to take your car to go to one of the two cities, but for some families it is not so simple. It should be said quite simply.
For the rest, the organizers were right to choose the Parc des Expositions, because in 2019 the IUT de Chalon premises proved to be inadequate and not necessarily a perfect fit.
In short, everything is going in the best of all possible worlds, even if it’s not entirely perfect.
The inaugural visit led by Sebastien Martin, President of the Grande Chalons, David Marti, Moore of Crusoe and President of the Urban Community, but also Gilles Platret, Mayor of Chalons-sur-Saone, as well as Deputy Raphael Goffin, made it possible to measure that there are many things to discover this year again . All this is one more reason not to miss the meeting. Children love it. But not only. The IUT of Chalon, Creusot, as well as companies, including Alstom and Industeel, are at the fore in the promotion and discovery of science. Who will complain?

(Alain Boullieri’s photo)

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