No qualifiers for the Laval missile

Sadly, the extraordinary Laval Rocket season will not be crowned with a playoff game.

Simon Oliver LawrangeSimon Oliver Lawrange

On Thursday, Major League Soccer confirmed that the circuit will not hand over the Calder Cup this year. Each of the League’s five divisions has been given the opportunity to organize a tournament to designate a champion team. The Pacific Division only took advantage of this option.

All others, including the Canadian division, in which the Rocket plays, will thus be named the season’s champion according to the rating in force after the last game.

With only seven matches left to play, Canadian School Club is already practically guaranteed the title. His 22-5-2 record gives him a 15-point lead over his closest stalker, Manitoba Moss, in second place.

Rocket coach Joel Bouchard will follow the announcement on Friday morning. His team currently tops the league with 793 points.

«Nous sommes décus de ne pas pouvoir remettre la Coupe Calder ce printemps, mais nous sommes néanmoins satisfaits d’avoir pu fournir un environnement sécuritaire et compétitif pendant plus de 1000 matchs cette saison», a souligné Howson, prigueident de ligue. statement.

However, on the same note, we learned that the Board of Governors has already approved the calendar for the 2021-2022 season. All 31 clubs are expected to return to stadiums on October 15th. The season will end, if all goes as planned, on April 24, 2022.

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