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“Not perfect” – Joelle Bouchard

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A few days before his maiden flight this season, Laval was denied coach Marco Marciano, but it appears the three goalkeepers on the team are taking their destiny into their own hands.

Marciano will be working with the Montreal Canadiens team as they await the end of Shaun Burke’s quarantine. If he were to return on March 19, coach Joel Bouchard would still try to add a member to his team of coaches because he also lost his assistant Alex Burrows in custody. He hopes to be able to release an ad by the end of the week.

Until then, the situation is problematic. Bouchar and his team are trying their best to help Caiden Primo, Michael McNevin and Vasily Demchenko, who are themselves trying to help each other out to the best of their abilities.

“This is the reality of 2021,” Bouchard said on Wednesday via video conference. We don’t have a choice. We are there with them in the morning. We make sure they get exactly what they need before training. Let them do the same exercise routine. I really see them correct themselves, and see where they stand. I think they have a lot of leadership, honestly, but it’s not perfect. “

Des Gambets

The pilot also noted that the American Hockey League (AHL), even without the pandemic, was a league in which it was difficult to be a coach because the team profession remains essentially a group of players – and coaches – for the National League clubs.

“This is also the American League. The American League is a small league. Nobody does anything to harm us, this is just the truth of the league and its profession. The players and coaches change. Things are out of our control. But no problem.”

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After playing the first eight matches of the season at the Bell Center, the Rocket will begin a three-match flight next week. The Senators will face Belleville on Monday and Wednesday, followed by the Toronto Marlies on March 12th. The team will return to Quebec City on March 14th to welcome Marlis.

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