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Canadian movie Funny Boy is ineligible for Best Foreign Film

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the movie Funny boyTelefilm Canada announced, Friday, that it was disqualified from receiving the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, directed by Deepa Mehta, because it did not fulfill the language requirements for the award.

The Telefilm Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has warned that Deepa Mehta’s film, initially identified as being predominantly in Tamil, does not meet its selection criteria.

The Academy Award for Best Foreign Film is awarded for a film produced outside of the United States where the majority of the dialogue is written in a language other than English.

Telefilm says it is because of this Technical contradictionAnd the Funny boy Instead, they will be submitted to Best Picture and Best Screenplay categories.

Deepa Mehta issued a statement saying that she was Surprise By decision of the Academy to withdraw the film from the international competition.

A Telefilm Canada representative explained that it was a production team Funny boy Who was responsible for determining if his film crossed the 50% threshold for dialogue in a language other than English.

And Telefilm said an alternative film to represent Canada in the same category is under consideration.

The organization said that the voting process for its submission of international fictional films has changed this year and two options have been made. The second film is being reviewed by the Academy and a movie says so To be announced soon.

The academy has also ruled out other films for the same reason, including this year’s Portugal selection, Listen, Which did not meet the requirements to speak a language other than English.

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Nigerian movie last year Lion’s heart It was removed from the class because it was largely in English, even though English is the official language of Nigeria.

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