November is close to normal in Quebec

Sweet in the first half of the month

The exceptionally mild October weather continued into November in Capitale-Nationale, even delivering 5 beautiful days at over 10°C between 1He is and November 10. The first half of the month was, in fact, above or close to normal, while the opposite scenario occurred for the second half of the month., confirms Jean-Philippe Beguin, an environmental and climate change meteorologist for Canada. Let’s remember a great period of warm autumn that pleased many people from November 7 to 10, until it peaked at 14.2 ° C on one of these days.

The first -10 °C occurred at the end of the month, on November 28 with -15 °C. There are usually four days in November with minimum temperatures below -10°C, and there have been 3 this year Mr. Bijen says.

Thus, the balance sheet for the month shows an average maximum temperature of 1.5°C above the normal of 2.9°C. At night, the difference narrowed as the average temperature was 0.3°C lower than the normal of -4.2°C.

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Seasonal usages in November 2021.

Photo: Radio Canada

November is more rainy than snowy

Meteorological station Jean Lesage recorded 84.5 mm of rain, more than the normal rate of 69.1 mm. Snow enthusiasts kept hungry for more. It only fell 8cm in Quebec which normally records 32.7cm in November.

The first centimeter of snow on November 15 arrived in Quebec, which is close to the average date of the last thirty years on November 12.Says Mr. Begin.

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However, Quebec City launched its first snow removal operation on November 28 after 6 cm of snow accumulated in the past 48 hours.

Winter, what do you have in store for us?

If winter doesn’t officially arrive until December 21 during the 10:59 a.m. solstice, the white carpet of snow already on Earth is already making us dream about it. Remember that winter tires are now mandatory since 1He is Dec.

Temperatures for the coming days of December.view larger image (A new window)

Temperatures for the coming days of December.

Photo: Radio Canada

Quebec will receive 5cm of snow on the 2nd of December, followed by rain with an increase in temperatures. A short transition in the form of freezing rain can also be seen in the late afternoon and evening. The sun will return at that time and so will the cooler temperatures on the weekend. A winter storm scenario to watch for Monday in several regions of QuebecMr. Begin confirms.

Temperatures projected by Environment Canada for the period from December to February.view larger image (A new window)

Temperatures projected by Environment Canada for the period from December to February.

Photo: Radio Canada

Rainfall forecast from December to February by Environment Canada.view larger image (A new window)

Rainfall forecast from December to February by Environment Canada.

Photo: Radio Canada

For those who can’t wait to hit the ski slopes, know that Canada’s Department of Environment and Climate Change notes that the first half of winter in Quebec City can result in temperatures near or slightly above normal, which is the same for the amounts of snow. On your skis!

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