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Noyon. Unvaccinated and forbidden to exercise, Dr. Veronique Rogues returned the keys to her office

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Based in Noyon for nearly 40 years, Véronique Rogez has just closed her general clinic because she refused the Covid vaccine.

Based in Noyon for nearly 40 years, Veronique Rogues initially worked as a medical professional, before moving to a private practice 11 years ago. On Monday, January 3, Véronique Rogez returned the keys to her office, rue Maréchal-Leclerc. “I was renting, and I kept getting charged. I had to return it one day.» During an interview with Oise Hebdo Last September, she was hoping to be able to reopen her clinic later. But this time, it seems to have definitely turned the page.

“I’m not in the scheme”

Is this a way for her to retire a little early? “Do you think you are giving up a well-paying job that makes you live a good life, while still paying huge expenses…? I’m not in the scheme. It didn’t even happen to me‘” Veronique Rogues was carried away. The 63-year-old assured us that she still sees herself continuing to exercise for three or four years. “I would do well for a few more years. You know the doctors, it doesn’t stop at 62.»

His clinic has been closed since September

If she is forced to end her clinic in September, it is because she still refuses to be vaccinated. “I am not an antivirus. I do…like the flu, for example. But for the flu, no one is vaccinated if they have the flu. So why do we do this with Covid? And in this vaccination, doctors had to be able to prioritize their at-risk patients. However, we even vaccinate young people and children who are not at risk. It is pointless to manage a product in a beta state. Especially since the side effects are numerous. She declared four pages: shingles, myocardial infarction, arrhythmias…»

Below, Véronique Rogez’s video message a few minutes before she unwrapped her plate:

I contracted Covid in April 2020

For its part, Veronique Roguez contracted with Covid at the end of April 2020.At that time, the virus was stronger than now, argue. Now I am naturally immune to the disease. As long as I have the antibodies, I consider myself immune. Especially since I’m not necessarily in danger. For the rest, it’s a medical secret.“The ex-doctor also believes that medical secrecy”Not available anymore». « CIt is the country that checks whether you have been vaccinated or not. The state controls everything, including my medical data. People need to open their eyes to these violations.»

1500 patients lose their doctor

Since the vaccination was refused, Veronique Rogues is no longer entitled to practice. “It is inconsistent The former doctor claims. Being immunized, I am less dangerous than someone who has been vaccinated. I am not irresponsible either.»

The former GP also explains that by preventing him from exercising, “1,500 patients lose their doctor in a region where doctors are increasingly scarce». «I didn’t even have time to explain to my patients. They didn’t understand that their doctor was fired like this overnight and threatened with jail if I open my clinic anyway.»

Véronique Rogez has officially released her plate after 40 years of training at Noyon, following a video statement on the reasons for this professional hiatus.

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