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Nurses should follow what science says, and their professional system warns

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The Quebec Nurses’ Order believes that words of encouragement should make way for more muscular actions to boost the vaccination of its members against COVID-19.

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From Friday, unvaccinated people will not be able to practice nursing in Quebec, because their license will be suspended. They will not be able to go and work in another county.

When people are near vulnerable people and are not vaccinated, even if they are tested every 24 hours, the virus does not choose to wait. “The delta variant is very aggressive and very infectious,” Luc Mathieu, head of the system, declared at Philippe Vincent Foissy’s microphone on QUB Radio.

“I think the promotion and awareness efforts have been made and have been around for a long time. I think a number of people don’t think the government will implement what they have announced.”

Mr. Matteo “doesn’t see” what more could have been done to convince the rebel and the other undecided. As of Tuesday. The number of members who did not receive any doses was 2807 and 1531 were partially vaccinated.

Nurses are scientifically trained and our code of ethics tells us to act according to what science says. “We know that vaccines are available, effective, and not dangerous,” Matteo said.

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