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Nursing studies at UMCE continue to be popular

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The University of Moncton’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, Edmundston Campus (UMCE), takes advantage of this special interest during the fall months by visiting several high school students who enroll in the Student, One Day Student.

On Wednesday, November 24, UMCE’s Nursing Science Division welcomed 12th graders Nadine Terrain, Kim Belanger and Marie-Yves Martin, all three from Saint Basile, who were accepted into the program at the start of the September 2022 school year.

Well supervised by sector staff, students of the Cité des jeunes A.-M.-Sormany in Edmundston participated in the APS (Learning by Simulation), a laboratory-delivered course. They were accompanied by Professor Frans Laplant Terriault, student Annie Caron and teacher Veronique Duguay. Participants also had the opportunity to tour the facilities available to nursing students and meet with Head of Sector Tina Emond.

“Demand for the nursing profession is growing rapidly, given the many professionals leaving for retirement. On the Edmundston campus, students receive personalized instruction from highly skilled professors. Our graduate employability rate is 100%, making them UMCE Vice Chancellor Madeline Dubey, explained Madeleine Dubey, Vice Chancellor of UMCE. One of the most popular study destinations in an ever-evolving society.

A Bachelor’s degree in Nursing requires a lot, and the profession will be demanding, but nurses attest to be a very rewarding profession when they realize the potential of being able to make a real difference in people’s lives, to see in the future. How much they value the care and relief provided.

Visits, thanks to the “Student, Student for a Day” program, are possible according to a predetermined schedule until March. To participate in a one-day visit to the Nursing Science Sector, you can call Manon Roest-Burgoyne at 506737-5138. Persons who have already obtained a nursing assistant diploma and wish to continue their studies to become a nurse are also invited to register for this activity.

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