Sand Dunes: Christopher Nolan throws flowers to Denis Villeneuve

Director Christopher Nolan, who is behind the mass production as its originsAnd The Dark Knight (The black knight), tenet And DunkirkJoin the party of voices paying tribute to Denis Villeneuve’s latest film. In a podcast with a Quebec manager that aired over the weekend, Nolan described Dune “A real gift for moviegoers around the world.”

It’s one of the most harmonious marriages I’ve seen between real footage and computer-generated visual effects. It’s so captivating, at every turnNolan said in a podcast Cut podcast directors It was recorded with Denis Villeneuve after the film was shown at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles, according to reports from The Hollywood Reporter.

I think this movie will introduce a whole new generation of fans to it DunePeople who have never read the book and who probably will now, continue. I think it’s an extraordinary job. I have had the luxury of seeing her many times, and each time I discover new things, new details about her world. The movie was unmistakably made for the big screen. It’s a real treat and a real gift for moviegoers around the world – thank you very much, Dennis.

start of a whirlwind

the film Dune Grossed $40.1 million, or roughly $50 million Canadian, in North America in its first weekend on the bill. In Quebec, the film took the lead. According to Cinéac, he raised $1.1 million, making him his third best start to the year.

Globally, Dune It generated $220 million in revenue.

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