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The Coeur de Pirate underwent major surgery

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Tony Vaughn
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Pirate Heart Recently a great operation.

The singer revealed, in a post on social media, on Tuesday, that she had learned in recent months that she had a hemorrhagic polyp in one of her vocal cords.

After months of waiting to see if the problem would go away on its own, the star said she was relieved when she finally got an appointment for an operation last week.

This is his message:

« Since 2020 was a * special * year for everyone, myself included, I learned a few months ago that I had a hemorrhagic polyp in one of the vocal cords. It was my number one fear since the start of my career and it took an epidemic and more concerts to happen to me. The good news is that after months of waiting to see if it resolved on its own, I had the operation last week and I am now recovering. I have been followed and run by awesome Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (Dr. Leclerc, the best) and I’m just relaxed. Honestly, I didn’t realize how lucky I was to be able to sing and when I was told the diagnosis I saw my world crumble. I am confident in the future, I will never take “singing” for granted again and I think my voice will be louder when I recover. I have a few weeks of recovery and then I’ll be back 🙏 »

The Coeur de Pirate is currently recovering. We send him all our positive thoughts and wish him a speedy recovery!

On the other hand, singer-songwriter and new owner of the record company Bravo Musique It shines on the magazine cover El Quebec This month.

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