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The first Sino-American encounter in a tense climate

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Talks in Anchorage between Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken and White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on one side, and senior Chinese official Yang Jiechi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the other. The first discussion to understand our interests, intentions, and prioritiesOne of those officials told reporters.

Sometimes there is a feeling, perception or perhaps hope in Beijing that our public message is different from our private message, and we think it is very important to dispel this idea very quickly., She added.

Therefore, I asserted that American diplomats would be firm in the closed doors of meetings, as in their recent statements about them Deep fears On the suppression of Uyghur Muslims, described by the Genocide By Washington, Hong Kong independence, Economic coercion China’s neighbors suffered as well Increasingly aggressive Chinese activities across the Taiwan Strait.

According to another senior US official, Beijing has spoken of its willingness to change the tone of the relationship With Washington, but with the United States They want to see actions rather than words on this front, at Taking into account China’s long-established tendency to break promises.

“Open the lines of communication”

However, the Biden administration maintains that it does not want to enter into detailed negotiations at this point and therefore does not expect immediate announcements. Moreover, there will be no joint announcement at the end of the Anchorage meeting.

We are in the middle of a fairly comprehensive Chinese strategy development process And this meeting It is just the beginning of this processFirst person in charge, said.

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We will introduce some specific topics that we think Beijing needs to do something to change its position., She added.

We are not asking China to do anything other than abide by international rulesAnd the second official continued, confirming that Washington had done There are no unrealistic expectations And they want above all Open lines of communication.

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