Occupational Health and Safety: The temporary regulation comes into force today

This Wednesday, part of the occupational health and safety reform comes into effect, in particular the part that provides for a temporary regime in terms of prevention and participation.

This temporary regime will apply to all institutions that do not already have prevention and participation mechanisms in place. Those who already have them will see those continue to apply.

The obligations of the temporary system vary according to the number of workers, i.e. at least 20 workers or less than 20 workers.

In workplaces where there are at least 20 workers, a health and safety committee must be formed by employers and workers. Also, workers must designate at least one health and safety representative.

In an interview on Wednesday, FTQ President Daniel Boyer said he is convinced that these measures will have a positive impact on the workplace, by reducing the number of accidents.

Labor and Employment Minister Jean Boulet said:94% of workplaces will be covered by protective mechanismsin occupational health and safety, which he describes as “Historic progress“.

Leah Levesque, The Canadian Press

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