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Unconditional adoption of tramway decisions

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There is no provision in the decreesannounced by the Minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, after its adoption by the Council of Ministers.

He didn’t want to say exactly what his government meant social acceptance. Everyone can have their own definition of social acceptance. I own my own. I’ll keep it to myselfHe said.

Ministers François Bonnardel and Genevieve Gilbolt announced Wednesday that ordinances for the Quebec City tram project have been adopted.

Photo: Radio Canada

The observation we make is that [le maire Bruno Marchand] You must do work for Quebec City to improve social acceptance. Therefore, today we say to the mayor of Quebec: “It is up to you to better communicate this project so that it is better accepted.”Minister added.

Federal arrest

François Bonnardel stated that in addition to the decrees, an additional amount of up to $124 million will be paid to Quebec City in order to carry out activities and preparatory work.

For his part, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister in charge of the Capitale-Nationale Region, Genevieve Gilbolt, called on the federal government to confirm in writing its commitment to fund 40% of the project, including cost overruns.

A schematic diagram of the tram line traveling on the rue chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois.

The tramway is scheduled to start operating in 2028.

Photo: Courtesy of Quebec City

It is important at some point to be in writing and to be clear that it is not just 40% of the number today. It is not: we take 3.9 [milliards], we pay 40% of that. Otherwise, every time there may be a cost overrun […] It will be necessary to go back to beg the same 40% at the federal level, it will be complicated every timeMrs. Guilbault insisted.

We want it [le fédéral] He agrees to 40% in principle on all project costs: current costs and any excesses. »

Quote from Geneviève Guilbault, Minister Responsible for the Capitale-Nationale Region

The Marchand administration was anxiously awaiting government decrees in order to be able to issue calls for proposals for the supply of rolling stock and the construction of the infrastructure for the future tram network.

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Respect the deadlines

The mayor of Quebec spoke about something new abnormal This will help the city and its citizens in particular to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Intergovernmental panel on climate change This week he said: Of necessity, we must act. This is the most ready-to-hand project. We are talking about delivery in 2028. Today we highly appreciate our ability to move ahead on time for delivery according to the deadlines we promised.Bruno Marchand’s reaction.

Bruno Marchand during a press conference at Quebec City Council.

Bruno Marchand told the Legault government that he could count on his “unwavering commitment” to increase social acceptance of the tram project, particularly by improving communication with residents.

Photo: Radio Canada

According to him, the adoption of ordinances will make it possible to avoid further delays and cost overruns for the construction of the tram line.

The bill is currently estimated at $4 billion.

common street

In recent weeks, the government future Quebec alliance He made the adoption of the decrees conditional on the abandonment, by the Marchand administration, of the development of a common street along the tramway, in a part of Rene Levsk Street.

Representation of entering the tram on rue René-Lévesque with the option of shared lanes.

The city wants the trams to run in the middle of the road with lanes on either side where pedestrians, cyclists and motorists live together.

Photo: Courtesy of Quebec City

On Tuesday, François Legault changed his demand, now limiting himself to talking about social acceptance. This is the only condition we will setlaunched by the Prime Minister.

very reasonableLegault says

On Wednesday, the prime minister made it clear that it was up to Quebec City to make sure its citizens approved the tram project.

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I think that’s totally reasonableMr. Legault said during the interrogation period in the National Assembly.

The imposition of a requirement to obtain the ordinances was denounced by supporters of the tramway, beginning with Mayor Bruno Marchand, who considered it an interference with the municipality’s jurisdiction.

A model of the Quebec tram line on Laurier Street.

Legault’s government wants to prevent the presence of trams from increasing motorists’ travel time.

Photo: Courtesy of Quebec City

Nearly 500 people gathered Tuesday evening at the Horizon Center, in Vieux-Limoilou, to demand the unconditional adoption of decisions regarding the tramway project.

Elected officials from various parties and levels of government attended the ceremony organized by MNA Solidarity Jean Lesage, Sol Zanetti, including Limoelo Municipal Councilor, Jackie Smith, and National Capital Region Liberal Party spokeswoman, Marwa Rezgui.

Subject to referendum?

Mr. Zanetti suspects Legault’s government will double down on obstacles to derail the tram. In particular, it is feared that the project to restructure the public transport network will be put to a referendum.

Hundreds of people wearing face masks sit inside one of the halls.

A rally in favor of the tram gathered nearly 500 people on Tuesday evening in Quebec.

Photo: Radio Canada/Frederic Vigent

My fear is that we will delay the project even more and that we will put down terms just to waste time and increase project costs and fees blogthe elected official said on Tuesday.

For his part, Marwa Rezgui said that the election of the mayor and the majority of elected officials last November in favor of the tramway was enough to prove the social acceptance of the project.

If François Legault dared to ask for a referendum [sur le tramway]Well, I want one on the nickel and I want one on the third link! Liberal MP for Saint Laurent warned.

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