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OD’s brother Stacey will be participating in Big Brother Canada 10!

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On February 23, candidates Big Brother Canada 10 been detected. In fact, one of them is a brother Stacy FromOD with us! Yes, yes, his older brother will be participating in the popular Canadian reality show.

It’s through a story Instagram on account Stavros Giannopoulos that Stacey shared her plan to control her brother’s social media while he was at home Big brother.

“Big Brother Canada!” »

Well, there is some really important news I want to share with you. […] My Big Brother is in Big Brother Canada! I’ve kept this news a secret for so long and now they’ve finally released all the contestants for this season and it’s here and I’m panicking “, mentioned.

Stavros Giannopoulos is 28 years old and seems confident about the physical challenges of being a firefighter. It is further stated that a Spirit of Appearance It will be part of her strategy. However, he is not planning to play hard from the start. He wants to take the time to analyze his roommates before launching his big game.

but the house older brother, The photos were revealed on the Instagram page of the program and we are CA-PO-TE! We are seriously considering selling everything and moving there.

The home was built in Ontario, in a 16,000-foot film studio with 27-foot ceilings.

The new season of Big Brother Canada It starts on March 2nd!

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