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Of young people want to contract Covid-19 to avoid it – La Nouvelle Tribune

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The way things are going FranceWith the fourth wave of Covid-19, a vaccine against the virus may be forced on everyone in the near future when it already is for some people. With the current Health Permit and its extension law set to take effect on August 9, it’s hard to indulge yourself in free time without a Covid certification. Faced with this situation, anti-vaccinators believe that all means are good to continue enjoying life. Some young people say they are willing to catch the virus just to avoid vaccination Le Figaro Which collected a few opinion.

to me JonathanAlthough he does not want to contract the virus, he would rather catch it than lose his freedom. ” If I had Covid, I would not have to be vaccinated, thus to follow all these protocols, I could live without restrictions and be less vigilant about the disease » Invite him to figaro. evenly, Jennifer, 24 years old, you don’t want to catch the virus at any cost, but” I’d rather have it isolate me and let my immune system know how to beat disease naturally Because she is afraid of the vaccine.

“Having a health permit is very important”

With a positive test, patients are given a certificate of recovery from Covid-19, valid for 6 months, which exempts them from vaccination for a period of time. So those who don’t want to be vaccinated in preference to natural immunity, want to get infected with the virus. ” Honestly, if a friend tells me she has Covid and I know I can self-isolate for several weeks on my own after that, I might go see her and make her cough on me. Having a health permit is very important because without it, we will not be able to enjoy the pleasures of life. “I captivated a 20-year-old student.

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However, according to Dr. Fayza Bossi, which also captured the newspaper, it’s about ” false alternative “Who not” Just get rid of the problem ‘, since the Restoration Certificate does not have an indefinite lifetime.

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