Offshore sites coming soon for free in Quebec

Free admission will apply in particular to the Sainte-Foy Outdoor Center and the Beauport Outdoor Center.

This measure was put in place last winter while the previous administration of Régis Labeaume was trying to winter knit In order to combat the November bleakness that characterized the sanitary measures that limited the activities of Quebecers.

According to the proposal of Municipal Councilor Isabel Roy, a member of the official opposition, Mayor Bruno Marchand will not only renew the free service, but also make it permanent.

Ahead of Monday’s city council meeting, the mayor indicated that the measure would take several months to be implemented.

not now

We will keep you informed when it arrives. I don’t want people to hear it’s going to be free over the holidays. We don’t have time to change that until thenMr. Marchand said.

The leader of the official opposition, Claude Villeneuve, admitted his surprise at the slow implementation of the free programme.

I imagine that to make it sustainable over time we must ensure certain amounts are available, but I will be disappointed to learn that the Myrand slip position will not be free this winter.commented.

During a city council meeting, Isabel Roy asked The measures now begin, in particular, with the health measures that have been tightened.

Bruno Marchand replied that he understood the need was important and ensured that he would do everything in his power to speed it up. A press conference on this matter may be held in the coming days.

We will work hard to make it happen quickly, confirmed.

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Exception in Beauport . Bay

Free admission to parking or to obtaining access to the Baie de Beauport will not apply. Bruno Marchand explains that the management of the site is entrusted to a private partner and that the city is bound by an agreement.

Chancellor Roy believes the mayor should not stop at these administrative details. She believes that access to water should be public and that the agreement can be changed.

I can’t understand why a family going on a bike trip has to pay for access to the site and use of the restroom, among other thingsShe regrets.

We’ll see what we can do, but for now we live with this conventionMayor Marchand answered.

The city also did not renew the free rental of equipment, at the request of the official opposition. Marchand’s administration considered this procedure too costly.

Free access to external sites deprives the city of approximately $500,000 in revenue.

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