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Omicron variant: Thousands of Quebecers isolated at Christmas due to COVID-19

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The Omicron variant suddenly changed the holiday season for thousands of Quebecers who had to isolate themselves away from their homes after testing positive for the virus.

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Two parents who tested positive for COVID-19 have chosen to stay away from their loved ones for their own protection.

“My daughter was born on December 23, so she was a year old two days ago, and my symptoms started on the 21st. Once the 21st, as soon as I started feeling it, I asked my family to find a place,” said Carl LaFleur.

Like many families, the latter celebrated Christmas through FaceTime. He hopes his daughter will recognize him when he appears on screen.

“I have the impression, at her age, that she recognizes me even through the phone,” he explained.

For his part, Karl Tremblay has been in isolation since last Monday.

“What I did was the children stayed with their mother and did not come home. My wife and I isolated ourselves. My partner sleeps in my son’s room, then I sleep in the basement,” said the father, who contracted coronavirus.

Unlike many, he is lucky to see his children “through the window of the house”, near which the mother of the children lives.

“Kids, I see them enjoying outside in the playground, they come and say ‘hello’ to me in the window,” said Carl Tremblay.

The two men still keep their spirits up and tell themselves that this bad moment will soon be over.

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“We’re not alone in the boat, and then we’ll be able to meet, hopefully, in the middle of January or the end of January, in that corner. After that, I’m sure the family will be more than happy to see each other again at that time,” said Karl. Lafleur.

“We’re healthy, that’s the main thing, and then they were relieved of it. When you catch it, you realize it’s really real, and then yeah, it’s slapping. I’ve had four really hard days, sick, in bed. Then there, things are going on. Alright, but look, health! Other than that, you can’t ask for anything else. “If we’re healthy,” said Carl Tremblay, “the rest will come.”

On Christmas Day, queues were long in front of many of the province’s screening clinics, indicating that New Year’s Day would also be in isolation for many Quebecers.

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