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‘Heart Offices’ open to French homeless

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In the evening, there is a slight change of scenery.

Sheets and pillows appear on the sofa, and the meeting room with its giant large screen turns into an entertainment area where a TV series can be watched.

The little curtain allows me to calm down a little, and be a little in my world, explains Fortune Obame by showing the device that separates his sofa from the rest of the office space.

Those who have lived here for a little more than six months also have access to a staff bathroom and a kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave, where they can cook their own meals.

When someone’s office turns into another home

A native of Gabon, Fortune encountered administrative problems that led him to find himself homeless. Through an association, he was contacted with the company Nobilito, which was willing to make part of its premises available.

« It allows you to be able to feel the satisfaction in your head, and then say to yourself, “There, now, I have a roof.” I don’t have to be to the right or to the left as people would like. »

Quote from Obama’s fortune

Nobilito’s owner, Pierre-Yves Loaëc, came up with the idea for the concept when he left his office in Nantes a few years ago.

Photo by Pierre-Yves Loack.

Pierre-Yves Loaëc is the founder of Bureaux du coeur.

Photo: Radio Canada / Raphael Bouvier Auclair.

In the evening I met a woman sleeping in an air vent […]. That winter, it was very cold and I was leaving offices that were hot, He says.

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The owner of the project adds that he was therefore found illogical To see someone sleeping outside while our offices are hot. There is a bath, a shower, there is something to eat and put mattresses.

A concept gaining momentum

De Coeur’s office was born in Nantes, and is now located in six French cities, including Paris. More than 30 companies are participating in the initiative and 16 delegations have been set up across the country to expand the network.

In the city of Le Mans, located 180 kilometers from Nantes, the local branch of the organization, for example, began its activities in September and about a dozen homeless people have already been accommodated.

The vast majority of them worked and slept in his car or tent, identifies Jean-Luc Catanzaro, associate delegate of the Cardiac Offices in the Sarthe Department. With his significant involvement in the community environment, he ensures that established links with aid organizations and businesses have enabled the project to be set up quickly in his area.

Fortune Obame lives in the Nobilito premises.

Fortune Obame has access to a corporate meeting room for business or leisure.

Photo: Radio Canada / Raphael Bouvier Auclair.

Although the idea he launched has already become popular, the founder of Bureaux du Cur, Pierre-Yves Loac, understands that the project has its limitations. Participating companies cannot accommodate everyone in their workplace. For example, it is difficult for them to accommodate large families, people who have addiction problems, or need regular medical follow-up.

« We will not solve your risky accommodation problems in France with the Relations Office. But people who are on the verge of success, we can really put their feet in the door and facilitate that success. »

Quote from Pierre-Yves Loaëc, founder of Bureaux du Cur

According to him, the exchanges between employees and residents, which intersect at the beginning and end of the day in the premises, benefit everyone.

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We hear about it on TV, but discussing his journey head-on, with emotion, and asking questions, has nothing to do with it.says the businessman.

Fortune Obame, who exchanges greetings and occasionally shares coffee with Pierre-Yves and his team, also believes he takes advantage of this everyday life in a professional setting.

office room.

During the day, employees are on the premises of the Nobilito company.

Photo: Radio Canada / Raphael Bouvier Auclair.

In a place like this it is a good thing because there are people who work here who can give you advice., explains Fortune Obame, who, for example, got a helping hand in developing his resume.

Today I don’t know which way to goAdds a person who recently found a job.

While he highly appreciates the time spent in this unlikely residence, he eagerly awaits his next step: finding a home of his own.

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