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One in eight women are affected, according to the RCS

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Two women and one man will appear on the PLR ​​ticket for the Voodoo State Council race on March 22nd. Christelle Lewisser, Isabelle Moret and Frederic Borlos were appointed Wednesday evening by delegates to the PLR ​​VO Conference in Tolochinaz.

It took not just a round of voting, but a long number, to select the accompanying candidates for outgoing State Councilor Christelle Louisier, who earlier in the evening had hailed by acclamation. The results were very close. A total of 413 party members participated in the poll.

National Chancellor Isabelle Moret received 230 votes and former Eagle National and Trade Union member Frederic Borlos received 227 votes. The latter is ahead of the Grand Assembly’s deputy, Alexandre Bertaud, by two small votes (225 votes). Deputy and former player Sergey Ashwandin climbs to the back by 138 votes. The absolute majority was 206 out of 410 valid votes.

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After each candidate appeared before the assembly, the 413 members of Congress largely chose a three-candidate ticket after a short but lively discussion. Ultimately, they rallied around the party’s leadership and board, who defended three representatives, as did the candidates themselves.

None of the other candidates claimed the position of incumbent President of the Department of Enterprises and Territories (DIT), who was elected to the government in February 2020 to replace Jacqueline de Quatro, who was elected in October 2019 to the National Assembly, and Ms. Louisier was applauded with applause. A former Grand Conseil (2012-2020) and former Payerne syndicate (2011-2020), you’ll celebrate 47 years in five days.

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Elected in Berne favorite

The choice to include National Chancellor Isabel Moret, 50, on the radical liberal Vaud’s card came as no surprise. She defended her career in her favour, as she was President of the People’s Chamber in 2020, Vice-President of PLR Switzerland for eight years and member of FOOD for seven years (1999-2006).

Frédéric Borlos has finally managed to steal the show from the two rising stars of PLR Vaud, Alexandre Berthoud and Sergey Ashwandin. His experience clearly made the difference, but only narrowly. Outside the State Council, the 55-year-old politician has held nearly all jobs at the Vaud level.

He worked for over two decades at Aigle, including fifteen years as a trustee. He was a member of the Grand Council from 2002 to 2015, before leaving for Berne as National Councilor. He also chaired the early years of the Vaud PLR party between 2012 and 2018, after the merger between radicals and liberals.

No term limit

At the opening of the evening, the president of PLR Vaud, Marc-Olivier Pavat, spoke of a “historic conference” that will leave traces for a long time, sparking the renewal of the generation sought by the party authorities. “The battle will be complex and difficult,” he said, to retain the three seats in the next government.

The evening’s mini-surprise will eventually be Congress’ refusal to amend the party statute and saying no to restricting electoral mandates. The management and board of directors of the PLR ​​Vaud planned to be appointed at a maximum of fifteen years, or three terms, for an elected PLR in the cantonal government, and with a maximum of 16 years, or four terms, represented in Bern.

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After a heated debate, the council eventually voted by a narrow margin, 197 no to 195 yes, not to amend existing laws.

Prior to this conference, current state counselors Pascal Proulis (four semesters) and Philippe Luba (three semesters) played overtime to make their decision to stand again or not to stand again, bringing suspense at last and stirring minds in traditional liberal territory. Voodoo. Economy Minister Luba finally announced on August 12 that he would not run again, and a week later Finance Minister Brolis followed him.

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