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Operation Grand Seduction: Bell Island brings a doctor home

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Dr. Firas Ayyar will soon return to the island 20 kilometers west of Saint-Jean, where he accepted a position of local doctor for 11 weeks. Islanders hope to keep it for a while longer.

It’s only 11 weeks, it’s a place, but it can be extended if Dr. May wants to stay and I’m sure people would like that to be the case.Confirms Lauren Fowlera former patient of the doctor.

There may be a second episode of Operation Grand SeductionShe adds a laugh.

The islanders, including Lorraine Fowler, begged their former doctor to return to Beale Island, Newfoundland.

Photo: Radio Canada/Patrick Butler

Population Relief

For several weeks, the islanders adopted creative tactics to persuade Dr. May to return, drawing inspiration from the film. Great SeductionOwns (A new window)Ownsn of Jean Francois Beaulieu.

Al Jazeera did not hold cricket matches. No one has ever sneaked a $5 bill into the platform. But nearly 600 people, or 20% of the island’s population, participated in the Facebook group – Bell Island Grand Seduction.Owns (A new window)Owns – To prove how much his patients admire Dr. Ayyar, who lived for eight years in their community.

A number of residents, including the campaign organizer, Ken Kavanagh, they said they are convinced that Dr. May wants to return to his previous duties when Radio Canada visited Peel Island last month. Residents accused Régie de santé de l’Est of mismanaging the clinic Walter B.

Gary GoosenThe mayor of Wapana, the island’s only incorporated municipality of 2,800 residents, said he was relieved by the doctor’s decision.

This means that soon there will be someone to take care of the elderly.He says.

He has always been very professional. […] People are moved here.

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