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Cry from the heart on a quack

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Patrice Godin He ended the weekend on a bad note: find out once again that a netizen is pretending to be on social media!

This type of fraudulent account is often created to deceive fans and steal money or personal data from them. In other words: it is criminal!

Patrice Godin I regret seeing that again, a malicious person stealing their identity. He let out a cry from the heart.

Here is the message of the famous translator Yannick Dobo, in the language District 31 Warning his fans about fake accounts in his name:

« good. Again, there is a step in life that opened up this account. Now I’ll make it clear: I don’t communicate with people alone for any reason. When I have requests to place, I keep it open. If someone wrote to you on my behalf, it’s a wrong account. The only Instagram account I manage is this one. I’m trying to get it certified, but even with nearly 50K followers, it doesn’t seem like it’s a priority for Instagram. My official Facebook account is certified. I have another Facebook personal account. I no longer have a Twitter account. I am not behind any fan page on any platform. Here. »

We hope that the reports received to this Instagram account ensure it is closed quickly!

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