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Ottawa Senators come out: ‘We’ll survive’ says Kanata dealers

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Ottawa senators will be moving downtown in the next few years. The hockey team and the National Capital Commission (NCC) announced Thursday that they have reached a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a runway at LeBreton Flats.

Kanata business owners greet the news with a tone of sadness, but many are pointing out that if they survive more than two years of the pandemic and long periods without hockey games, they will be able to survive without the team.

That’s what Chris Samuel, ownerEvergreen Craft AliceA local brewery.

Chris Samuel is the owner of Evergreen Craft Ales brewery in the Kanata area.

Photo: Radio Canada/Katherine Morras

“No one really comes here after the games, because it’s hard to get out of the parking lot,” the manager adds.

The latter admits that moving the senators’ home to the city center is therefore a wiser option.

I think it’s good to create excitement for downtown businessesargues Mr. Samuel.

It’s not good for us, but I think it’d be better for Ottawa if the senators were downtown. »

Quote from Chris Samuel, owner of Evergreen Craft Ale Brewery

In addition to recalling that the senators’ move has been on the table since 2016, other Kanata dealers noted that as the area’s population increases, the survival of their business is no longer dependent on the hockey season.

A new profession for the Canadian Image Center

Southern Kanata consultant Alan Hubley, for his part, hopes another project will move to the Canadian Tyre Centre.

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According to the latter, Eugene Melnik, the former owner of the team, had a detailed plan and wanted to turn it into a recreation center. Proposals for a biodome, an aquarium or a small park have also been circulated.

Although plans were put on paper, nothing was approved. It will take years to build the new stadiumMr. Hubley points out. We have the time.

Another option should be considered, says the elected official: the put option. According to the city councilman, there are a lot of companies involved in technology in this sector. There are many requests for additional space.

The Melnyk family still owns the Canadian Tire Center. They will decide whether to convert it or sell it. »

Quote from Alan Hblai, Southern Kanata Counsellor

“Anyway, the center [Canadian Tire ] It won’t stay empty for long, as there is a lot of interest in both options.”

Regarding the Center’s new career, Raymond Sullivan, General Manager of the Center Ottawa Community Land Trust He believes that priority should be given to affordable housing. He would also like the developers and the city to make a clear commitment in this regard.

We need to check what kind of goal we want to achieve in terms of affordable housingis the hammers. We can end up with housing that isn’t really affordable.

With information from Catherine Morras and Julian David Pelletier

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