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“Our players are very spoiled”

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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The president of MCA, Abdel Nasser Al-Maas, confirmed yesterday that coach Abdelkader El Amrani will remain at the head of the technical strip for Mouloudia, despite his exposure to many criticisms of Shenawa and even the players. The chairman of the board of directors of Mouloudia of Algeria accuses Hachoud’s teammates of not honoring their commitments to the club.

Indeed, after the defeat in Clasico against JSK, everyone in Mouloudia demanded the departure of the El Amrani coach, but the president was categorical about this: “Al-Omrani enjoys our full confidence. We cannot blame him alone for this defeat, because the players bear their share of responsibility. Only three matches with the team and he needs time to set his strategy and his method. I spoke to him after the match, and he was very disappointed with the players’ performance. We never intended to give him up and he will stay until the end of his contract. “

“Thanks to Mouloudia they are making a name for themselves”

President Almas is determined more than ever to change his rhetoric towards the players, who for him are very pampering: “Our rhetoric towards the players must change, we must make them more responsible, especially as they stop thinking about their arrears when calculating the interests of the team. They play in a big club, such as MCA, and thanks to Mouloudia they are making a name for themselves and not the other way around. I think they are very spoiled. “

“In the face of the tribal youth, they were not recognized on the ground.”

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As for the defeat in El Clasico, Almas accuses the players of not doing their duty on the field, and that he is primarily responsible for this first setback on their home turf: “The players missed their theme in this El Clasico. They did nothing to beat JSK, which deserved more than its victory. The club management has put all the capabilities and the team is training in the best conditions and we have fulfilled our obligations towards them financially. Honestly, I did not understand how we lost this match … “

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