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The madman of the king empties his heart and explains the reasons for his departure, “everyone talks about it.”

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After 16 and a half years Hot seat It was the insulting comments about him on social media that captured the “crazy king’s man” Everyone talks about it, Danny Torkut revealed during his last appearance on the show, Sunday.

“I’m fed up with all this hate,” said Mr. Torkut, when he was invited to publicly explain his resignation from Radio Canada’s popular Sunday program. The comedian explained in his last, sometimes tinged clip, that the insults he posted on social media ended up hurting his spirits and pushing him out.

“I’ve been here for 16 and a half years, in Hot seat [sur la sellette], Polarizer post, every season I’ve had 4.5 cases like this. I’ve been getting bullshit for 5, 6 days. […] “My helmet was full of them,” Danny Torkut said, explaining that writing his resignation letter only took five minutes.

Insults galore

The madman gave the former king some examples of derogatory comments received via social networks, such as this message from a dwarf telling him that “the ropes are for sale in Runa”, among other messages about the anti-gay nature.

“I feel like we will have to do something with social media. Really there is a problem. I think we can give lessons from elementary school, how to deal with social media, because in life you can’t just walk around, then go see someone around and say” décalisse , Le 05 “. This is not permissible.”

Comedian Danny Turcotte was “disturbed” by the controversy caused by a joke on the set, said two weeks ago that he would definitely give up his place on the show. In the previous program, co-host Mamadi III asked Vara Camara, the man falsely accused of trying to kill a police officer after being arrested for a simple traffic check: “Are you going to use a cell phone again? He did not use his phone while driving.The joke did not go well with the crowd, confessed by Danny Torkut, who was quick to apologize.

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“I, in my family, we underestimate that, with a sense of humor. In all the worst dramas of our lives, the first reaction is to tell jokes. I thought I would make him smile, simply, to remember the origin of this case,” he explained on Sunday, returning to Controversy.

Confidence shook

He explained that the madman had lost confidence in his role during the reviews, and felt the need to turn his tongue 15 times in his mouth before telling a joke. It was difficult to maintain his position as the Joker since the public was absent, during the pandemic, all masks seemed to have failed.

“It felt like I was -40 in the studio, when I said a joke that was like ice cream coming out of my mouth.”

The interview continued with Danny Torkott’s best credits broadcast Everyone talks about it, Including revelations about his homosexuality, as well as the time he received a kiss from the current prime minister Justin Trudeau. The latter had prepared a card for him to mark his departure from the show on Sunday.

In a moment of passion, the Lepage-Turcotte duo stressed the importance of the co-host’s homosexuality topic, recalling the moments when the Madman King suffered from sarcastic comments about his sexuality on the set. for him ” Out In 2005, she aroused a wave of sympathy from the audience. “It’s like coming out of shame, I tell myself, I am.”

The host was Guy A. LeBage has been at the helm of the Sunday TV show alone since the events, and will remain so at least until the end of the season.

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