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A recent report by Équiterre calls for a move to “sustainable and renewable agriculture”. Globally, soil depletion remains one of the main challenges: a third of arable land is being degraded, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). This is the topic of our show this week.

Can cities make a contribution one day? In Montreal’s eastern tip, an urban agricultural project in industrial wastelands is trying to thwart pollution by using plants to clean the soil of their polluting compounds.

Isabelle Bourgogne talks about agriculture, soil and above all practices that promote their health, through:

A historic drought hit western Canada in the summer of 2021. Agricultural yields fell by more than 30%. For canola, it can be up to 50%. And it will happen more often: farmers are at the forefront of climate change. What consequences should we expect?

Soils are a vital component of the ecosystem: they are home to biodiversity and forests, and many human activities depend on them. Soil pollution has major implications for the environment, health and economy.

Do we know how climate change affects the soil? What was the assessment of soil health in the latest Équiterre report? How does Quebec’s soil work, especially the ones we grow? What is the problem of “soil compaction”?

Is phytoremediation – disinfection of soil using plants – a solution to disinfecting soil in former industrial areas?


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