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Outdoor work areas in Abitibi-Ouest

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The Rural Development Officer at MRC d’Abitibi-Ouest, Marie-Pierre Lebel, explains that the concept of futuristic workspaces is a way for students and workers to get out of their homes.

When you come back to your parents at the weekend to do your homework, there will be a designated place and not between the four walls of the basement. People will be able to mingle with others. Young entrepreneurs and the self-employed will also be able to benefit. […] It’s a bit like a coffee shopas you say.

Consulting work

Many players in the community, including some from youth centers and municipalities, will be surveyed before outdoor work areas are developed.

It is necessary to go ahead and validate the stakes and needs of such structures in their form, their receptivity and their profession with organizations in the sector. They will be able to expand services outside their main buildingssays Marie-Pierre Lebel.

Territory Attractiveness

The MRC d’Abitibi-Ouest will soon introduce an attraction plan to attract new arrivals and prevent citizens from leaving the territory. A youth strategy will also be launched later this year.

The goal is really not to be a tablet. Not yet printed and approved. We’re already coming up with ideas to be able to quickly move to action Emphasizes.

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