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“Ovni (s)”, the TV UFO that combines humor and science fiction

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Canal + launches its year with this original creation in which a scientific genius finds himself obliged to investigate paranormal phenomena.

The 1970s and science fiction often went hand in hand. Among the period classics of Stephen Spielberg (ETAnd the A meeting of the third type(And modern productions rooted in the disco decade)Weird thingsAliens have always loved landing their ships in Nixon America. Rarely does it happen in France Giscard. This is now done with Aries (s), And it is one of the series that will be watched at the beginning of the year.

Channel + began airing this 12-episode program this week. The photo shows Melvil Poupaud in the shoes of Didier Mathur, an aeronautical engineer who was placed against his will at the head of the Gépan, a French structure responsible for collecting reports on Unknown Flying Objects (UFOs). Its mission: to avoid panic by finding it of natural origin. But from the first case he found himself confronting, he was forced to revise his convictions …

Quirky comic

This opening stadium looks like an action thriller, and even a horror series. Yet it is actually a comedy. Because the supernatural plot is decorated with offbeat humor, served by the eccentric members of the Gépan, the personal struggles of Didier Mathur – a single father who still loves his ex-wife – and the gallery of colorful characters that surround him.

Melvil Poupaud provides the answer to a cast of well-known actors and promising young actors. Geraldine Pelhas plays his ex-wife, Michel Voyler, Symbols, Quentin Dolmeyer, and Daphne Batakia, who experience Ghibin’s antics there.

Le Gépan, a real structure

Aries (s) Created by Clemence Dargent and Martin Doer, they have even roamed the French TV comedy: The duo from the screenwriters have already worked together on episodes of Ten percentAnd the Kabul kitchen or Do not do this or that. To bring their colorful world to screen, they called in director Anthony Cordier (Gaspard goes to the weddingAnd the A little happiness), Which he quotes for the point Influences as diverse as Steven Spielberg, and thus, but also Jean-Jacques Anode, abyss By James Cameron Brazil By Terry Gilliam as well as comics like Gaston LaJaffe.

They all wear eph ‘skinny suits and pants, for a plot that took place in 1978. A scenario option – and aesthetic – sticks to a historical reality: Gépan, or Group Studies of Indeterminate Space Phenomena, in 1977 by the National Center for Space Studies (CNES).

Melville Poppaud said, “They gave their consent to talk about their history, and to resume some cases that were in their hands.” Europe 1. “The authors met with them and were inspired by many real facts. Both events occurred in Gibban, characters from Gibban, and then witnesses of that time, the end of the 1970s, when there was a sudden increase in reports of UFOs in the sky.”

To save time as much as possible, the groups were chosen according to the following: The lead actor reveals in an interview with Channel + This portion of the shooting occurred on a former RTBF building, abandoned since the 1970s. If the cocktail does not prove itself in terms of the crowd, it has already won the trust of the coded channel: a second season was ordered even before the start of the broadcast. Shooting from April.

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