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The first winter storm swept through Quebec

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The rapid accumulation of snow is already making it difficult to travel in many places. The road was covered in snow before dawn in southwestern Quebec, especially in Montreal, where heavy rain is also expected until the afternoon.

Many storm warnings are in effect, due to low or almost no visibility in some areas at times, under heavy snow and stormy snow.

Snow will accumulate on average 15 to 35 cm by Sunday, according to Environment Canada, and could reach 50 cm in Gaspé. Snow should remain on the ground with a return to cooler temperatures at the start of the week.

Of course we are late compared to usual. There are a lot of places with less snow than usual. No one has heard of it, but still exceptional, as a delay Simon Legault, a meteorologist from the environment and climate change in Canada.

It is because of the smoothness that we have experienced in recent weeks. Since the end of November, we’ve had pretty much temperate weatherRemember.

This first snowfall will cover a large part of the province and should gradually move east to the Maritimes.

It also affects southern Ontario, including the Ottawa region, where snow is expected to reach 25 cm by Saturday night, and northern New Brunswick, which expects 25 to 30 cm of snow.

The image is by region

In the Greater Montreal area, snowfall amounts should range from 15 to 20 cm by Sunday morning, according to the Canadian Environment Outlook.

The largest snow accumulation is still north of Montreal, where we will have 25 to 35 cm of snow, perhaps, in the Laurentian Mountains and distant Charlevoix.

Simon Legault

In Morrissey, the particularly rapid accumulation of snow can make travel difficult, as the region expects to receive up to 35 cm of snow by Sunday morning.

It will be windy in the east, along the St. Lawrence River, The meteorologist notes.

Indeed, in the Greater Quebec City area, strong winds will complicate motorists’ lives, causing snow to fall. Forecasts show between 15 and 30 cm snowfall.

In the Charlevoix region, total snow accumulations will be between 15 and 30 centimeters by Sunday. There, too, snow and wind will make travel difficult.

Ottawa will also see its first waterfalls, with an estimated snowfall of 15 to 25 cm.

In the Baie-Comeau region in the evening, due to snow and wind, winter conditions can get dangerous. In Saguenay, Tadoussac, on the northern shore, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, in Gaspé and in the Matapedia Valley, the federal agency reported 15 to 30 cm of snow.

In Gaspé, Quebeckers will likely come out frequently to shovel because the storm could leave up to 50 cm of snow there, early on a Saturday morning. Storm warning in effect in the sectors of Percy, Forion National Park and Gaspy. Water levels are expected to be higher than normal as well as large waves near the coast on Saturday.

As for the regions of Abitepe-Temsekaming, Chibugamao, and the Lower North Beach, it shouldn’t have a lot of snow at the weekend.

Back to cold weather

After snowing, the weather is fine, but this beautiful winter landscape will not only captivate us with its beauty. A return to seasonal standards was announced next week, and temperatures are even expected to be below seasonal standards in some regions.

We will not have a very cold. The whole thing is that there will be a contrast between what we are currently experiencing and it is sweet. So we will find it cold after the storm.

Simon Legault

For example, in the Quebec City area, where the temperature has been fluctuating around freezing for a few days, the change will be amazing.

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We’ll still have the sun, but the nights will be lower than normal, which is below -15 degrees Celsius. So we’re going back to what winter was supposed to be likeMeteorologist comments.

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